We care about the society
and environment to achieve
sustainability development

PROUD, by KI Sugar Group, is the first manufacturer
in Asia-Pacific to receive standard certification from the Netherlands-based ProTerra system, as well as Bonsucro standard as a sugarcane and sugar manufacturer with consistently good performance.


Awards Guaranteed


PROUD aspires to become the leader of Thailand’s innovative sugar industry and will never cease to succeed with high quality products to harmonize with today’s modern consumer lifestyle.

Group 61

0 Waste

PROUD has fulfilled this principle through every activity to prevent waste and impacts against the community and the environment, or keeping waste to a minimum.

Product Responsibility

Preventive procedures have been implemented every step of the way, ranging from sugarcane farming, producing and packing, delivery to engaging traceability system, which enable us to efficiently control manufacturing quality in each procedure.

PROUD, the Thai-made sugar,
is proud in the value delivered to Thai people.